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Fox Trot Farms 

Equestrian Center

  "Don't judge a horse by its halter."

Want to Join our Fox Trotting Team?


$345 dollars to join ($35 per lesson)
*Includes 9 team lessons over 9 month period*
*One team polo shirt and team hat and team bag*
*instruction at shows*
-Must be knowledgeable in horsemanship
-Must go to at least one show per month through out season unless otherwise discussed (9 shows per season)
-Must be willing to conquer fears
-Must be willing to stay out at the ranch after lesson to help with barn chores once in a while.
-Must show team work and cooperation
-must be able to ride without pony lines (unless otherwise discussed)
*One day a month there is a required team lesson where every team member gathers together for a group lesson before or after a show the same month.*
2016-2017show season try outs begin August 13th-15th on many different fields of horsemanship.
*Best way to prepare is to read up on horses and saddles and bridles and equipment as much as you can*
Role of Team captain:
-someone who shows horsemanship skills
-A leader that will get things moving on team lesson days
-will show team work
-will help out at the shows
-commitment to team
-stood out in try outs for personality, horse knowledge, and team work

Show season kick off dinner:

*At this dinner we will be giving out team polos, hats, and bags to all that have qualified to join the team. 

(unless current team members already have them)

*All parents are to pay in advance after the dinner or before the first team meeting before our first group lesson

*If any parent would like a t shirt for events saying (Proud parent of a Fox Trotter) we will take names for a order by the end of the night of the dinner.

*Will take place at either Longhorn or Olive Garden.

*Dinner is on August 27th at 6pm

*Team captain will be announced at dinner

*We want as many people to join the team!!*

End of Show Season trip

*At the end of our show season we want to say a job well done for our kids and take them on a one day trip to Disney's Magic Kingdom, it's a trip because so many of our kids work so hard throughout the season!* either May 31st or June 1st
*No parents needed, already have volunteers*
-need to buy tickets (FTFEC can get discounts for everyone)
*Must meet requirements to be selected*
-team work (willing to help whenever needed)
-dedicated horsemanship
-been to at least 5 shows of the seaon
-Must have made 1,000 point goal (will explain point system in next text box)
-has at least 3 lessons per month
-has worked out at the ranch for other events and horses.

1,000 point system and how it works

*For the trip we want the kids to work to be able to go, this 1,000 point system makes them work but is not impossible to make.*
500points: 5 shows
15 points: 1 new student (if you refer a new student put your name on the back of an FTFEC business card, have them turn it in and we will keep track of each students points.)
25 points:per team lesson (9 team lessons a season) (225 points of all 9 lessons)
40 points: Each day at the barn doing chores after lessons or just come out to clean
150 points: summer project ( 50 points for judged most creative poster board)
*If all guidelines are followed 1,000 point goal will be met*

Day of trip to Magic Kingdom!

*a detail schedule of our fun day!*
-6:00am drop off at ranch
-team drives up to Orlando to have a fun day at the park with pictures which will be provided after.
-A big meal dinner (kids are normally $8-$12 for kids meal)
-we will be leaving Disney after fireworks at around 10:00 pm.
-pick up is at the ranch.
*There will be no lessons the day after the trip*
*Must wear a team t-shirt*
Day requirements:
-FTFEC t-shirt
-to the finger tips jean shorts
-tennis shoes
-FTFEC hat
-plenty of water
-spending money on meals and shopping ( FTFEC will provide snacks)
*Money must be kept in ziploc with kid's name on it*
-Professional photographer that works for Disney will be there for free to take our pictures!
*Please call if there are any questions or concerns*